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Professional E-Commerce Web Site Design

Our custom ecommerce website design solutions will enable you to run an ecommerce website on the internet in a user friendly manner. Our affordable solutions will enable you to get your ecommerce web site up and running with the minimum amount of fuss, enabling your business to start selling online immediately.

eCommerce web site design services ranging from the simplest to the most complex is our primary strength.

Winux Soft, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a provider of comprehensive eCommerce web site design solutions to clients throughout Canada and the United States. Incorporating eCommerce functionality into web site design is no longer prohibitively expensive or complex thanks to our unique modular based web site building methodology.

We create eCommerce enabled web site design solutions that grow as your business needs grow! Why pay for something today that you may or may not need tomorrow? Our web site design solutions are completely transportable, so it doesn’t matter if you are based in Canada, the United States, or anywhere else in the world!

There are 20 different eCommerce web site design modules that you can pick and choose for your web site. This means you get a customized eCommerce web site that is tailored to your objectives and budget.

eCommerce Web Site Design Modules*

Shopping Cart Content Management
Membership File Management Utility
Email & Email Alerts Web Site Reports
Chat or Private Messenger Online forms
Catalogue Reservations
Web Site Polls Contact Management

From web site architecture and graphic design, to content development and search engine optimization, to web site hosting and administration, to finished product and Internet marketing in Bangladesh and worldwide; we bring it all together in one package from one source!

Winux Soft offers quality e-commerce web site design and development services for businesses and individuals. Our services are designed to strengthen and grow your business through the vast customer base and resources of the internet.

Professional e-commerce development services are essential for success. Your web site must present a professional and attractive appearance. Your visitors must feel comfortable and secure, and your web site must function properly before they will purchase your products or services.

Complete E-commerce Web Site Development
Small Business Web Design
Shopping Carts (unlimited products)
Real Time Credit Card Processing
Offline Processing
Merchant Accounts
Search Engine Placement and Promotion
And many more advanced features... (contact forms, message boards, mailing lists, etc)
E-commerce Web Site Design Package

For those who don't need to offer much more than their products or services, we also offer a value packed small business web design package. This package is perfect for beginning e-commerce sites that need a professional, reliable online presence to sell their products or services.

Domain Name Registration (1 year)
5 page custom web site (Home, Policies, About Us, Contact Us, etc)
Shopping Cart & Product Catalog (unlimited products, administration page, and more)
Search Engine Placement Package
Web Hosting (1 hour of maintenance/month)
Payment processing options
Free Consultations (Our knowledge and experience are at your disposal)

To learn more about our custom e-commerce web design services or our e-commerce web site design package, please click here for a free consultation.

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EicraSoft is a Dhaka-Chittagong based professional web site design company offering affordable custom web site design, web site development, web site Ecommerce solutions and more. We can take care of all your web site design and development needs.