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Flash web site development and design

Cutting edge web sites today are being lead by Macromedia Flash design. Flash web pages are dynamic, highly graphic and full of multimedia content. The user is given more than just informational content. They are given an experience. At least they are if you have the right people designing your flash site. Winux Soft has the "right people". We provide affordable flash web design without compromising quality.

Our Flash web sites can be much more than a Flash only production. Our flash designers can integrate html, 3D graphics, audio and video into our designs providing a full on multimedia experience for your viewer.

Multimedia technology combines Flash animation, audio, video, text, and images into a dynamic presentation format. Whether you want to inform, educate, or entertain, Winux Soft has the capability and resources to create such presentations. We can also convert traditional media formats into multimedia formats that are recognized on the web. We can digitize and compress audio and video to multiple formats and add rich media to any project you need. If you simply want to add Flash animation elements to your website, we can do that also. Some of Winux Soft's multimedia solutions include:

Client Satisfaction is Our Number One Goal.

"We have just finished our second website with Winux Soft Ltd. We originally built our first site 2 ½ years ago and where extremely pleased with the high quality site we received at the time... The EicraSoft team was able to build us a site that simply surpassed our expectations. We now have the best site in our industry as none of our competitors can even come close."

Mr Zahid
Brack Bank Ltd

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Flash MX Technology
Flash technology, or better known as Flash animation, is useful when your goal is to increase user interactivity. When used appropriately, it can help grab your site visitor's attention and increase user activity. We can use flash for small movies, site navigation, convey an idea or concept, marketing/ advertisements, and banner ads. Depending on your needs, Winux Soft can help you determine where Flash would be most appropriate for your site
Custom Flash Design and Development

Rather than accommodating a bland static site employed by a midlevel Website Design Company, Flash presentations create movement and innovative features that keep viewers searching your site for more aesthetic pleasures. A website integrated with Flash also signifies an advanced knowledge of superior website qualities and propels your business toward increasing its target audience. A great Flash design company must have a level of skill and understanding far beyond the experience of the occasional user to help your company get the most out of this exciting medium.

EicraSoft Solutions ’s is a full service Website Design Company with our main operating center located in the bustling metropolis of San Diego, California. Our status as a Flash design company reinforces our Flash expertise, which turns average presentations into spectacular selling tools. Our experienced Flash designers are adept at creating eye-catching Flash presentations that incorporate sound, voice, 2D, or 3D images. We can then implement these presentations into a Custom website design to add appeal, offer them on CD Rom as a promotional tool, or loop them continuously to make great trade show displays and sales presentations.

A great Flash design company must combine 3 important elements:
The technical expertise of the Flash toolset
An Artistic flair for design
Solid understanding of business principles to utilize Flash presentations to improve your business.

As is the case with any business, vital information is constantly updated. The magic of the Internet and Custom website design lies in its ability to constantly a website visually appealing. Unlike a brochure or other non-descript print material, your Website Design Company presents a constant influx of the newest and most up to date features, providing continually updated resources to keep visitors coming back. Whether translating the latest company updates through proven web Copywriting, or utilizing our Website Maintenance services to implement dynamic design elements, EicraSoft’s Custom website design remains on the cutting edge.

If you have a product you want to demonstrate or add life to your existing website, our Flash presentations are an excellent way to showcase it.

"I have heard that Flash web pages can not be spidered by search engines".

This is actually true; however, at Winux Soft we know how to integrate HTML content with flash so that all of your site's information can still be read by the search engines (just like this site). We also have methods by which an all Flash web site can still be spidered just like an html site.

"Why do I care what my web site looks like, as long as it works, right"?

When customers come to your site they will likely make an immediate evaluation of the quality of your product or services based on their first impression. This first impression is your web site. Not so much what it says, as how it looks. People are visual by design and make judgments based on visual cues. No matter how great your company is, most people will not go past your home page if the site is not aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate. This is where we come in.

Using the hottest web development programs and design strategies, our flash designers will make certain that whomever visits your site will leave with all the information they came for PLUS an exciting web experience they won't soon forget.

Please take a moment to visit our portfolio page. From there you can view some of Winux Soft's Flash web designs which are currently in use on the world wide web.

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Eicra Soft Flash services includes: 
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advanced flash programming -> Flash Presentations -> Flash intro movies -> Complete interactive websites.