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A multimedia production

combines different media types into a presentation. These different media types include text/ video/ animation/ audio and graphics. Alone each of these types are effective but the exciting aspect of multimedia is that when combined together it can provide brilliant interactive productions.

From corporate presentations to product showcases, we can create multimedia solutions that can be published in a variety of formats from digital, floppy disk, CD-ROM, Video, DVD, VCD and the internet.

Client: BRAC BANK Client: Socotex
Flash Presentation: Corporate [ Bank] Flash Presentation: Garments
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Client: Storm Management  
Flash Presentation: Digital Jockey  
Our creative interactive solutions include
Corporate profile presentations through the form of Site openers
Logo presentations
Product demos in 2D & 3D
Multimedia presentations packaged in a small business card CDs
Other Interactive applications like
Fleet Shows
Panoramic presentations
Layout displays.
Flash Games.
Flash Animation

Flash is an authoring tool for animated multimedia both on and off the web. Flash Animations can be used in various ways from an interesting eye catching banners to a complete interactive websites or used to create interactive CD business cards.We can also use it to produce custom animated screensavers, cartoons, interactive applications, and games.

Presentation & CD-ROM Development:

ACG specializes in creating breathtaking Multimedia corporate presentations and CD titles. In the field of Corporate Presentations, where the complete profile of any company, its structure, its range of products and its market hold is to be set out, there cannot be a better medium for conveying the message. Therefore the market potential for multimedia presentation is immense.

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