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At our offshore website development center, we develop web sites for Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME) section. We welcome you to outsource your website development services to us to Bangladesh for the following reasons:

Enjoy quality design.
You can pay less and get more work done.
Right technology and right solutions.
Dedicated team with no communication hassles.

Due to the current economy many companies have looked into outsourcing their software development and web site design works to an offshore provider. What they have found is that the market is crowded and finding the right and affordable outsourcing provider a complex decision. Economical situation in our country allow us to provide high-quality web site design and development services at a very affordable price level. Our web site design and development rates are 30%-60% lower than United Kingdom or Unites States companies.

We specialize in the outsourcing of business processes that create value for our clients. Utilizing differences in the time zones across the globe, we have developed an effective project management methodology that enables them to run their business processes round the clock. We help our clients optimize business processes enhancing agility and flexibility of their operations at substantially lower cost structures.

While Traditional outsourcing concentrates on non-core tasks being shipped out, EicraSoft Ltd. outsourced web & software development is targeted at the core tasks, the more critical part of your organization. Traditional offshore development is promoted on the premise of price wars alone, while EicraSoft . offshore development is built on the idea of having a skilled knowledge force at a remote location with suitable original costs.

The key to successful offshore outsourcing for your project lies in the selection of an experienced & technically qualified offshore web development service provider. EicraSoft EicraSoft Ltd. is a flexible organization and has policies, which are to the highest degree customer-centric. An Offshore development partner must satisfy a number of critical technology, management and business criteria. EicraSoft Ltd. has all the essential ingredients of a successful software out-sourcing partner.

Business Outlook:

In order to assist the IT needs of the business world, EicraSoft Ltd. focuses its interest in providing the best technological and service oriented solutions. The main motto for this concern is to make our presence in entire business world; ranging from big Corporate to small-scale industries, and to automate their process through our sophisticated systems and solutions.


Our strategy is to be part of the growth of IT, based on customer satisfaction, innovation and effective use of technology. To achieve this, we would recruit the best people. We have the following goals:

Long term:
  • To be recognized by our peers as a high value company with technical excellence and industry involvement
  • To be the market leader achieving trade industry awards and high-end of scale financial ratios.

  • Our key thrust technological areas are: e-business and mobile computing
  • Joint ventures and alliances will be the building blocks for business expansion
Short term:
  • Aggressive recruitment of the best technical staff in emerging technological areas of the industry
  • Increase productivity by investing in employee training and education
  • Setting-up joint ventures and alliances in new markets viz. U.K, Scotland, Australia, Dubai, Germany, France, USA, Singapore, Finland, Netherlands, South Africa and New Zealand

  • Diversify as an Internet Service Provider
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